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Retail Investors

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an organized process that helps individuals to meet his/her life goals through proper management of personal finances. The approach reduces surprises in future income, expenditure, and cash flows.

Why financial planning is required?
Financial planning helps you work towards your short and long-term financial goals and create a frame work to achieve the same.

  • Income: Financial plan helps you visualize Year-on-Year (YoY) net income, which is the basis on which all aspirations and compulsions rests.
  • Cash Flow: Increase cash flows by carefully monitoring your spending patterns, expenses, tax outflows, and budgeting.
  • Capital: A financial plan sensitizes you to achieve financial goals and helps you build capital on ongoing basis.
  • Family Security: A financial plan highlights tight monitory spots and the need to build essential insurance in the overall scheme.
  • Investment: A proper financial plan considers your personal circumstances, objectives, and risk. It acts as a guide in helping choose the right types of investments to fit your needs, personality, and goals.
  • Standard of living: The savings created from good planning can prove beneficial in difficult times. For example, you can make sure there is enough insurance coverage to replace any lost income should a family breadwinner is unable to work.
  • Financial understanding: Better financial understanding can be achieved when measurable financial goals are set, the effects of decisions understood, and results reviewed. This gives you a whole new approach to your budget, improving control over your financial lifestyle.
  • Assets: A nice 'cushion' in the form of assets is desirable. However, many assets come with liabilities attached. Thus, it becomes important to determine the real value of an asset. The knowledge of settling or canceling the liabilities comes with the understanding of your finances. The overall process helps build assets that do not become a burden in the future.
  • Savings: You might have heard of ‘saving for a rainy day’. However, sudden financial changes can still throw you off track. It is good to have some investments with high liquidity. These investments can be utilized in times of emergency or for educational purposes.
  • Ongoing Advice: Establishing a relationship with a financial advisor you can trust is critical to achieving your goals. Your financial advisor will meet with you to assess your current financial circumstances and develop a comprehensive plan customized for you.

Portfolio Tracker

Investors generally hold a host of instruments such as shares, mutual funds, and fixed income instruments acquired from time to time at varying prices. Compilation of portfolios in a systematic manner is always a cumbersome task least of investor’s liking. On the top of it, recalculating the current value of the portfolio though extremely important puts off investors. However, tracking portfolio is a very critical tool for corrective and rebalancing actions.

Investmentz.com provides a number of statements for mutual funds, equity transactions, and depository holdings, among others. These are not only compiled from transactions with investmentz.com, but are also revalued on an ongoing basis based on latest prices on exchanges and NAVs declared by mutual funds. It practically takes away the post trade most time consuming function of an investor. You may choose to subscribe to tax tracker for your IT calculations.

Investment transaction processing

Our website has a user friendly trading engine to facilitate investment transactions on NSE/BSE, all by yourself. To ensure absolute safety and security, multi-level passwords are in-built. As our registered investor, you can invest in equity, currency, and derivative through NSE and BSE. The site provides end-to-end service in terms of research, your portfolio update, current prices on real time basis, simple order entry menu, order and trade status, and back office reports. Overall, you can complete your investment agenda end-to-end from our website.

Call 2 Invest

Investmentz.com is designed to cater to "Do it yourself" type of investors who look forward to a robust trading engine and an "easy-to-navigate" site. However, at times those investors also need offline support. At certain times, you may not be near a computer, may be traveling, or be busy in a meeting. Besides, there are investors who are not comfortable punching trades themselves.

For you, we offer a "Call 2 invest" facility whereby one can call on designated call-2-investor desk’s number anywhere from India and get the transaction executed after going through verification process.

Online Investments

Investment in financial instruments was never so easy and convenient. We provide you with a full range of financial products at your fingertip. Invest online be it equity listed on the exchanges, mutual funds of all leading AMC, or new issuance by way of IPO/FPO/OFS/participation in buy back as per company proposal. Pick and choose bonds or fixed deposits. Open a pension account or invest in exchange traded funds or bullion. One cannot ask for more! The website helps you with research, provides you with platforms to invest, and gives you complete help in terms of MIS.

Exe based

Our registered online customers have multiple choices in terms of transaction options. The lighter version is to punch orders directly on the website. However, for professional investors and heavy traders, it is possible to call for an exe, which can be installed on the desktop. The exe provides for all key elements on the desktop and since it calls for incremental data only, the data maneuverability increases multifold and the speed of real time data movement and transactions reduces considerably.


Investmentz.com through its sponsor Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediates Limited is a depository participant with CDSL. Your holding of listed equity, bonds can be held in demat form. You can also hold mutual funds in demat form. The depository account is linked to your broking account seamlessly and when you put through a transaction on exchange, the corresponding deliveries are done in DP. Your holding statements are visible on the web site along with updated value. Movement of inventory to-and-fro DP is instantly informed via SMS.

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